Great Life / Sunday, September 8th, 2019

Bismillahi .. 

So truuueee,

Jennaira was like this  till i thought maybe she is sick or what. She’s crying from 6 pm till 6 am in the next day. And i’m with my postpartum scars still ‘nyutnyut’


Copied from babysleeps.answer

babysleep.answers They’re perfect little angels the first night…. but as soon as you’re home, it’s the real deal! Why is that? ➡Newborns are born SO tired. Many won’t even care to eat those first 24 hours. Because of this, the first night is generally all sleep. ➡The second night they generally want to clusterfeed ALL night long, but will still sleep… but somewhere between the second and third night- baby wakes up! They start to realize they are out of the womb– and want to be back in there!

So how to survive nights 2 and 3 (and on)? 🤱🏽nurse, nurse, nurse – or bottle feed, as much as baby asks.
– 🤰🏽mimick a womb environment as much as possible: tight swaddle, white noise, darkened enviroment.
– 🤷🏽‍♀just accept that these are not nights where you will get great sleep. (SOME babies will, but not most). Baby is figuring out this world, this night is rough for them. Be there for them!
– 😴have a plan to get help the next few days so that you can take naps during the day while someone watches baby. It’s crucial that you take care of yourself these first few days.


She want cluster feed all night long and only calm when she is sleeo next to my heart. Oh dear, ummi is so sorry. If only ummi know this sooner. Maybe you’re not gonna cry that long. 🙁

Thanks Allah, i have bestfriend and still pumping for her baby boy. We got her milk for hungry Jennaira. And in the afternoon my breastmilk Alhamdulillah already flow. What a happines 💕🤗

Poor my baby, after crying all night long.


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